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I had a conversation the other day about quality vs price.  We seem to have become a society of ‘lowest price’ is the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing.  During my conversation with a client I noted that although many products appear to be the same they are not.  Parts are changed out, the overall construction is slightly different.

Take a refrigerator for example; there are not a lot of manufacturers.  Various companies ask the manufacturer to build their product using their specifications.  This is where the quality comes into play or not.  The company ultimately decides on the quality of what makes the fridge operate but the only thing we look at is the design and size.  Shouldn’t the parts be important too?  Don’t we want to make sure our investment isn’t going to break down in a few years?

If you think about it, that would be like saying we as humans are all the same because we look alike.  Blonde hair, blue eyes etc.  however it’s what is on the inside that counts.  The inside is what is important to us down the road however often we are taken by the outside exterior first.

We need to begin to appreciate the inside when it comes to purchasing as this is where it counts when you are hot tub shopping.

Maax Spas makes a hot tub to stand up.  One that has 56 frame pumps because they operate more efficient, one where they use M7 technology so that there are no external sensors because external sensors fail far more frequently, one that uses an insulation that is not only ‘green’ but is extremely efficient, one where you can remove the insulation and do service, then once you put the insulation back you have the same R value as the day your purchased it, one where you don’t float in the lounge due to integrity of design, one where the jets hit your muscles in exactly the right spot.  I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

Give us a call if what’s on the inside is important to you.

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