Would love to have an in ground pool however budget doesn’t permit?  Good news.  They have come a long way with above ground pools.  They aren’t in ground however they are stronger now than ever before.  Don’t install them in the ground though folks as this will void the warranty from most manufacturers.  They aren’t designed to go in the ground that’s why they build on ground pools.

What to look for in an above ground pool? Recommendations

The top ledge should be 7″ – 8″, with the verticals no smaller than 6″ to give you a good structure.  P1030376

I would recommend that you use a Canadian true 20ml liner.  Liners should go by weight so that you can see an actual measure as many online options are not a true 20ml.

Go with a standard bead liner, this way you aren’t looking at liner on the outside of the pool.  The cost is slightly more as you would need to purchase the bead however the overall ‘look’ is 100% better.

Use quality equipment for your pump/filter.  They will last longer and have better circulation.

Use a floor pad.  This not only protects your liner from small pebbles penetrating your liner years from now but gives a memory foam feel to the base of your pool and let’s face it, adults tend to walk in above ground pools.

By all accounts you can install this pool yourself however if you don’t do construction everyday, leave it to the professionals.

Good luck!