Had a great day at the Partswerx Dealer Day.  Some exciting new and innovation products in the works.  Operating your pool from your Iphone is available and looks like a fun and efficient way to go.

Think about it, you are at work and you decide to invite a few colleagues over for drinks and munchies.  You open the app on your iphone and turn the lights on, turn the heater on, and get the deck jets going.  You tell your friends to grab a drink and you will meet them there as you have to make a quick stop on the way.  They arrive, are totally impressed with the pool deck jets.  They dip their toes in the water and it’s a nice refreshing yet warm temperature.  They rush to get in their bathing suits and are swimming when you get home.  They smile and thank you for having such an awesome backyard paradise.

You smile, get into your bathing suit, grab a drink and join them!  Life is good!