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Have you wondered about the differences in pools and why you would want to consider fiberglass over vinyl lined or concrete?  Below I’ve identified a few of the pros and cons of each option for you to think about.



  • Maintenance free – The gel coat finish does not allow algae to attach itself as easily due to the finish being non-porous.  This allows you to use less chemical especially sanitizers
  • Ease of installation – given the pools are shipped in one piece  the time (1-2 weeks) it takes to install is minimal
  • Warranty – our pools carry a 35 year structural manufacturer’s warranty
  • Beautiful and smooth – fiberglass pools look beautiful and add so much value to your outdoor living space.  They are smooth to the touch
  • Worry free – you won’t need to worry about tears in your liner, having to put additional $$ into maintenance
  • Built in steps and seating – steps and seating are built in and same colour as the pool


  • Pools are made from a mold therefore you have to select from the manufacturers pre-designed shapes/sizes
  • Higher initial costs



  • These pools can be customized to any shape
  • Can be as large as you want
  • Can be quite expensive


  • Require maintenance every few years as concrete is very porous ie acid washing
  • Installation takes weeks/months
  • More chemicals required to maintain water balance
  • Not very smooth

Vinyl Lined:


  • Costs less up front
  • Customizable shapes/sizes
  • Smooth to touch
  • Non-porous therefore you chemical costs will be lower


  • Maintenance costs down the road ie new liner
  • Don’t hold their value like other pools
  • Animals like your dog cannot swim in in pool

We choose to specialize in fiberglass pools as we believe that they hold their value, look fabulous in your outdoor living space, give you years of worry-free swimming and add value.



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