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Spa Tips  – 6 spa care concepts

Maintaining hot tub water sanitation and chemistry is necessary to the health of the users as well as to prevent damage to the tub.   Maintaining the water chemistry involves using your Dazzle Mineraluxe System or our Dazzle Traditional System as well as keeping the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness within acceptable ranges.  If the pH is not maintained in the correct range, your sanitizer (bromine/chlorine) will not be as effective in eliminating bacteria.  Also problems with the chemistry of your water may cause the metal parts of your tubs plumbing to corrode or potentially destroy them. Calcium hardness is important to determine and maintain properly so that calcium deposits do not form on the heating element or form a white ring in your hot tub.


Every day, bacteria and other contaminants can find their way into your hot tub water.  Care should be taken to enhance circulation – this will help prevent these contaminants from becoming problems.

As the water circulates it:

• passes through the filter and the suspended particles are trapped
• thoroughly distributes the products that kill bacteria, eliminate undesirable compounds, and help prevent problems

What you need to do…

1. Run your hot tub’s circulation system every day.  Our Maax and California Cooperage Spas circulate your water on a pre-programmed cycle when in Standard Mode which is how it is shipped from Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs.  Check your hot tub owner’s manual to see how to program your hot tub.

2. If your hot tub has a separate circulation pump that runs continuously, simply make sure that your system is always in good working order.


If left unchecked, contaminants such as dirt, oil, and even bacteria can accumulate at the waterline, much like a bathtub ring.  Good hot tub care involves regular cleaning of surfaces. This will not only preserve the surfaces, but will also make the whole hot tub environment look and feel better.

What you need to do…

1. Use a skimmer net to remove floating debris if you see any

2. Brush and vacuum the spa when required ( we carry spa vac’s)

3. If you have a skimmer basket, or First Filter clean it once a week

4. Clean the oily ring that forms at the waterline using our Dazzle Tub Cleanse.


Many hot tub care mistakes are caused by poor filtration. A filter that’s operating properly helps keep the water clear by capturing the hair, oils, and cosmetics that wash off when people use the hot tub. When the filter is dirty or clogged, all this debris remains in the water.  Most hot tubs have a cartridge filter.  Check your owner’s manual for detailed information on how to remove the filter for cleaning.  Typically you should clean the filter every 4 weeks.

What you need to do…

1. Remove the cartridge.

2. Rinse with a garden hose to remove loose debris. A hose-end nozzle is best. A pressure washer has too much pressure. (NOTE: this will not eliminate the accumulated oils.)

3. Every time you clean your filter, use a our Dazzle Filter Cleanse  according to label instructions. This will dissolve and loosen the built-up oil and dirt.  Thoroughly rinse the cartridge again. (Ideally the cartridge should be allowed to dry before being returned to service.)  Having two filters is recommended and rotating them between fresh fills is best.

6. Replace the filter element as often as the manufacturer suggests or every couple of years maximum.

7.  Use our Dazzler Clarifier weekly.  Some particles of debris are microscopic and too small for the filter to catch.  Our Dazzle Water Clarifier will help join these tiny particles together and allow the filter to remove them, keeping the water clean and clear.


By using a hot tub care regimen, you’ll receive numerous benefits. When used according to instructions, our recommended products will:

Make the water feel clean and comfortable

Kill bacteria which can multiply rapidly in a hot tub

Protect hot tub surfaces from stains caused by metals which are often dissolved in the water

Protect hot tub equipment from scale caused by calcium deposits.  Scale can accumulate on hot tub surfaces and inside filters and heaters, greatly reducing their effectiveness

What you need to do…

1. Maintain an adequate sanitizer level at all times to kill bacteria

• Bromine is an ideal bacteria fighter in hot tub care. Simply add thee concentrated granules into the hot tub water according to label instructions or alternatively use a floating dispenser with bromine tablets.  Bromine tablets dissolve and release powerful protection against bacteria.  IMPORTANT: Do not place Brominating Tablets in the skimmer or drop directly onto the spa’s surface.  It is recommended to have both bromine tablets and granules so that you can give the hot tub a boost if the tablets run out or are very low and your bromine readings are under 3ppm.

2. Use a shock once a week.  Dazzle uses Oxygen in the Mineraluxe System or Dazzle Amaze Plus in our traditional line.   This helps to remove compounds (bather waste), eliminate odors, clarify the water, and restore the sparkle.
Every time you refill your hot tub with fresh water use Dazzle Stain and  Scale 1 which helps to prevent metal stains and scale build-up.  Supplement this by using Stain and Scale 2 once a week thereafter.
Even if your hot tub is equipped with an ozone generator or UV light, you still need sanitizing and “shock products.”  Ozone and UV supplement your sanitizer.


There are 2 primary components that affect hot tub water quality.

1. Sanitizer

2. pH

When both are within their recommended ranges:

• Your water is comfortable, protected and clear
• Your sanitizers and “shock products” work efficiently
• Your spa surfaces and equipment are protected

What you need to do…

1. Maintain sanitizer within the recommended levels:
Bromine/Chlorine residual =  3  – 5 ppm

(If your hot tub is equipped with an ozone generator, you may choose to maintain the chlorine or bromine at the lower end of their ranges.)  Note:  Ozone only lasts for 1-2 years and then needs replacing.

2. Maintain the pH between 7.4 – 7.6. In this range bathers are comfortable, the hot tub surface and equipment are protected, and the sanitizers perform efficiently.
pH is THE most important aspect of hot tub water quality.  However, maintaining the proper pH can be a challenge in a hot tub.  The heated, aerated water, combined with heavy bather loads can cause the pH to change quickl.

3. Test sanitizer and pH level several times a week with the test strips.  These strips provide quick, easy and fairly accurate readings.  The test process is easy simply dip, swirl 3 times and check the colours on the strip to the colour tab on the bottle.

4. Book an on site water test at Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs every 4-6 weeks for a complete water analysis.  Alternatively you can also take a water sample to Knapp’s for testing.  In addition to testing the pH and sanitizer, this analysis will measure the water’s total alkalinity, calcium hardness, iron, copper, and total dissolved solids along with phosphates.  Based on this analysis, we can recommend the hot tub care products you need in order to keep your hot tub water looking and feeling great!


Regular draining and refilling is a normal part of hot tub care. Over time, the water absorbs and dissolves minerals, chemicals and other soluble material.  Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs will guide you and help determine when it’s time to replace your water.  High test results can make the water look dull, become foamy and develop an odor.
How often you drain and refill your hot tub depends on how often you use it.  For the most part a fresh fill every three months or so is recommended.  Try to book your fresh fills prior to the coldest part of winter to avoid any freezing of the water and your hands!
Happy Hot Tubbing!!

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