Need a new hot tub cover.  The quality of a hot tub cover varies dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer.   One of the most important aspects of covers is the center fold.  How is it supported?  This is something that you should be asking prior to purchasing.  We use an aluminium  support channel down our center fold.  This area gets a lot of wear and tear and making sure that it is supported properly is very important.  Also we have a mildew and UV resistant coating on our vinyl.

You can go from this Old Cover1  to this New Cover1


Make note of the water puddling on the top of the blue cover.   This is a clear sign of war.  Also see how the skirt is pulling.   Noteworthy is the center fold.  Check our the different in the overlap seam in the brown cover.  This helps to minimize the evaporation from the tub which aids in less top ups which also contributes to less time heating the water.