Thinking about a purchase of a hot tub or swim spa and are confused by all the companies and manufacturers out there.  A couple of tips when you are seeking a spa or swim spa:


  • Insulation – this is critical to how much you are going to pay in electricity.  Maax has received Energy Star Rating
  • Appliance Grade – meaning is the insulation removable?  Stay away from a tub that has spray foam.  Very, very difficult down the road when you need service
  • Size of jets – it’s not the number but rather the size of the nozzle that counts
  • Is is ergonomic?  Meaning when you are sitting are your knees higher than your hips?  Is it comfortable
  • Jet location – hitting muscle not bone?
  • Foot massage – Maax has by far the best foot massage on the market
  • Pumps with no switches (that tend to fail)
  • No external sensors

I could go on and on but I think you understand some of what I believe you should be looking for in a tub.  Maax has it all!  

Take a look!