What are the best hot tubs on the market today?  Why are they the best hot tubs?    What makes them stand out above the rest?

When you are shopping for a hot tub there are a few questions you need to ask yourself and the respective companies that you are considering buying from.

  1. How efficient are they?
  2. Health and Relaxation?  How much therapy will I get?  Why?
  3. Serviceable?  Are they easily serviceable and does the company provide their own service technicians?
  4. What makes a specific tub, great?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking.

Energy ChartWith the Maax Collection I will answer some of these questions for you.

  1. How efficient are they?  Our tubs are designed using the radiant heat generated by the pumps to keep the heat within the cavity of the tub.  We do this with our Northern Exposure patented system.  First you have copper reflective sheeting, then BlueMAAX insulation that has been treated to be fire, rodent and mildew resistant, then we wrap the tub with 3M thinsulate, and then we place the cabinet around the tub with an ABS bottom.  We keep the cold out and the heat in!
  2. Health and Relaxation?  How much therapy will I get?  Why?  Maax Collection tubs are designed with Physician Designed Zone Therapy.  Maax hired a group of medical specialists in physical rehabilitation to assist them in the design of their tubs.  What was found was that it’s not the number of jets but rather the size and proper positioning that determines a good massage to relieve pain and relax the body.  Putting jets in specific locations trigger the muscle in specific pain zones to stimulate them.  This aids in healing a sports injury, sore and stiff neck/back, aching joints, arthritis, tired feet, and overall relaxation to allow you to get a good night’s sleep.  
  3. Serviceable?  Are they easily serviceable and does the company provide their own service technicians?  Maax spas are designed to allow for easy access of ALL the equipment.  NO spray foam in our Maax Collection.  This will save you considerable dollars in service fees.  You can simply remove our insulation, fix the problem and replace the insulation.  You will have the same R value as the day it left the factory.  Also it’s really, really important to ensure that you have qualified spa technicians working on your hot tub.  When you have a problem, and it’s -20 outside, you don’t want to be waiting on a service tech who isn’t working directly for the company, or worse calling an 800 number and being put on hold.  I would also be questioning how a warranty would work with 3rd party technicians. 
  4. What makes a hot tub great? PERFORMANCE!  All tubs look pretty but when you are soaking in the tub however it’s how the jets work, where they are placed, how much horse power, what the size of the jet nozzles are, where the are placing within the tub etc.  For example did you know that 50% of your nerve endings are on the top of your foot.  Did you know that the feet connect to all parts of your body?  Our Foot Relief Zone targets the upper and lower parts of the feet with streams of water providing a complete upper and lower massage which sends relaxation signals throughout the body.  You don’t get this overall massage simply having jets on the bottom of your feet.  

I’ve identified a few areas to be thinking about when you are in the market for a hot tub.  I will be adding to this blog over time however wanted to share some of the areas that you really need to be seeking when you begin your research.