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Confused by everything you read and hear about hot tubs and what ones are the most efficient and best hot tub?

A few really important factors when considering hot tubs is:

  1. Cost to run them
  2. How many pumps
  3. New technology
  4. Maintenance of equipment
  5. Water Care

Cost to run – Maax Hot Tubs are truly one of the most efficient hot tubs on the market.  They have a unique patented (no spray foam) way to capture the radiant heat within the inner cavity by using the heat generated from the pump.  This keeps the heat in!  Period.

How many pumps – I would recommend a hot tub that is larger than a four person to have anything less than 2 pumps.  If you are looking for therapy

New technology – Maax uses the latest in technology and using what is referred to as M7 technology.  What this means is that the temperature and high limit sensors are within the heater manifold.  When they are separate they tend to fail more frequently.  Maax also hired an ergonomic physician to provide insight into their “no float” loungers, their deep foot well to ensure your knees aren’t higher than your hips, deep arm chair style seating, neck massager, and top and bottom jets for the best foot massage EVER.

Maintenance of Equipment – Our cabinet is synthetic wood therefore never requires maintenance

Water Care – We have absolutely state of art water care products.  The newest, easiest, best Mineraluxe product for your hot tub to make it feel good, smell good and be worry free.

Come on out and see our tubs.  You will NOT be disappointed.

471 grey with Pacific Rim setting this baby down Maax Steel Frame 581 top down

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