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What makes the best hot tub?  Is it the jets?  Is it the pumps?  Is it the Spa Pack?  Is it the Insulation?  Is it the filter cycles?

Okay yes to all the above.

Maax Spas are designed with deep footwells so that you are ergonomic when you are seated.  This is critical to ensure you are seated properly. 

Maax Spas uses 38% more insulation than most of the other manufacturers.

Maax Spas are one of the quietest spas on the market.  Check it out for yourself.  We advertise our decibel when the pumps are on.

Maax Spas have energy star ratings.  Yes, that’s right, we have received energystar ratings….no other manufacturer can say this AND that rating is on every Maax Spa

Maax Spas has a fabulous top AND bottom foot massage

Maax Spas has a no float lounge

Maax Spas has patented Theramaax jets in many of their tubs

Maax Spas has a steel substructure guaranteed

Maax Spas has an “appliance grade” on most of their hot tubs.  What this means is that years from now your hot tub will still be the same as the day it was manufactured EVEN if service work/parts have been required

Maax Spas are made for families.  Want to see for yourself?  Give us a call and we would be happy to book a one on one demo.  


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