Looking for a quality hot tub.  Well no need to look further.  Maax Spas make an absolutely fabulous, quality hot tub.  Their attention to detail is exemplary.  They continue to have a hands on approach in the manufacturing process so that nothing is missed.  Human eyes check every detail.  No robotics that can fail.

Maax has a patented insulation system that will allow you to check and repair your hot tub years down the road and still have the same R value as the day it was manufactured.  This is crucial in having a quality tub.  NO spray foam that takes forever to find a leak.  NO imported parts wherever possible.  Our spa pack spec’s state that no imported parts allowed.  Not all companies specify this in the manufacturing process.

Our lounges are built ergonomically.  Our seats are built with ergonomics in mind.  Check out the size of the footwell in our competitors spas.  You don’t want your knees above your hips.

Brown Spa Cal Coop 371 Lounge-Design Maax Steel Frame