There is still lots of time this season to get your pool installed.  We are heading into a very hot spell and wouldn’t it be nice to have purchased your pool and had it installed?

Many people think that they should wait until next year to get a pool installed.  Guess how many people think that and then when you go to purchase your pool, not only have the prices gone up but you are in line waiting for your install.

If you install this year, are you do in the spring is open the pool and start swimming.  The winter does a lot of healing of the area surrounding the pool and helps with your grass seed etc.

Don’t wait – enjoy your pool for the balance of this season.  I promise you will not regret it.

The picture below was our grandsons swimming on May 8th, 2015 – this is simply another demonstration of ‘why’ you don’t won’t to wait.

May 2015 boys swimming