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Are you thinking about a pool and not sure what type of pool will fit your budget and your lifestyle.  Don’t discount the option of a Dolphin Fiberglass Pool.  They are built with quality at the forefront however when you compare the cost of a vinyl lined inground pool you must add into this the cost of liner replacements over the next 25 years.  With a fiberglass pool you purchase the pool and then you don’t have to worry about maintenance down the road.

Think about concrete pools – they have to be acid washed every 3-4 years to rid the bacterial (algae) that grows due to the concrete being so porous.

Fiberglass pools are built to last.  They must be installed by a qualified, experienced professional however they are beautiful, use less chemical, are maintenance free, your dog can swim without worrying about the pool surface AND you will not get scratched or cut by any rough surfaces.

Why not give us a call today.  We can give you a quick ballpark figure or we can do a quote should you have a particular pool model in mind.



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