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Buying local.  What does that mean.  Does it mean to try to support your local Ma and Pa Store when it’s convenient???  Does is mean shopping online and giving your well earned $$ to some large conglomerate.  Sometimes I agree, you cannot buy some products locally therefore you access them online – that’s okay but…..

Think about this….how important is that Ma and Pa store to you.  Ask yourself this:

  1. Do you get more personal service?
  2. Is the product high quality or at least the same quality?
  3. Are they knowledgeable about their product?
  4. Do you like the convenience of having this business near you?
  5. Is it important to you to support your local community?
  6. How would you feel if that Ma and Pa store closes?
  7. Do you care about service and who is going to look after your warranty?

Buying local is a mindset.  You have to want to ensure that that company stays in business otherwise the rich will continue to get richer and the poor poorer.  This is mind-blowing if you just stop and think about it.  You won’t know who you are making richer but you will definitely remember who just closed their business and who you will no longer be able to walk in and be greeted by name, with a smile and a handshake.  Where, when you support local business,  you know that Mr. and Mrs. so and so will continue to be able to feed and educate their children and keep their home.  This is really what it’s all about.

No, you are not responsible for them.  You don’t owe them anything.  But do you want them around???  Do you like that they greet your children and where you feel that they value your business.  If you answer yes to these questions then the next time you go out to make a purchase, make it with a small local business.

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