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Having problems maintaining chlorine?  With our Dazzle products we can get you back to keeping chlorine in the pool.  Follow the steps noted below.

Hard to Maintain Chlorine Levels this Year?

If you are reading a Zero chlorine level when you test water, the chlorine level may actually be less than ZERO.  It is in the negatives and they have to ADD chlorine and MAYBE they still won’t see a chlorine level, EVEN after a SHOCK treatment.

What is causing this and how do you solve this problem… See Tips Below…

Chlorine demand is the difference between total chlorine added in the water and residual chlorine.  When you are reading zero, you need to add chlorine to bring that level up and maintain it in proper ranges.Test Strip

Here are some quick steps for satisfying a Chlorine Demand if you read a zero chlorine level

Simply double shock every day and test to see if you can maintain chlorine for 24 hours

  • Double shock with Energy or a pail of Premium Unstabilized Chlorine
  • Shock in the evening (preferable)
  • Test in the morning and record your chlorine level
  • Test in the evening to ensure they maintained a chlorine level
  • If the level is zero shock again that night

Repeat until you build a chlorine level and IT STAYS there for 24 hours
(Amaze, Amaze Plus, Ultra Shock, Pristiva Premium Shock are NOT preferred products to use with a Demand,  Energy and Premium Unstabilized are your best product choices!)

There was an old theory that for every 10 degree rise in temperature, you would use 50% more chlorine.

With the great temperature, pools will be using more chlorine.
With school out, people will be using pools more and using more chlorine.

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