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Have you been having problems keeping chlorine in your pool?  Are you fighting a battle with algae.  Chlorine demand is like having a bank account that is overdrawn.  This means that it’s not only that you don’t have chlorine in your pool; it means you have a negative amount of chlorine in your pool.

Let’s consider you test your chlorine and it says you don’t have any in the pool.  This does’t mean your chlorine is a zero it could be at -15.  Therefore you will have to add chlorine (shock) to the water every 24hrs until you get a positive reading.  Like a bank account if you are overdrawn by $500, by adding $100 you still aren’t in the positive until you add the $100- 5 times.

At Knapp’s Pools we specialize in water care.  We CARE about your water and want to help you have the best possible water you can have.  Give us a call, we promise to help you maintain proper balanced water that you can be proud of and feel confident having your friends and family swim in!

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