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Please don’t try to remove your hot tub filter when the pump is running.  This area is where your water is suctioned.  You should only remove the skimmer basket and filter when there is no suction.  We have attended service calls because something was suctioned into the plumbing lines due to the pump running on low speed when the skimmer basket and filter was removed.

Cleaning your filter:

Always use a hose to clean your filter.  NEVER a pressure washer as the pressure may tear the filter paper or the band around the filter.  Holding the hose spread the pleats apart and work from the top of the filter to the bottom.  If you are cleaning the filter outside set the filter on something to avoid straining your back.

Filters should be cleaned weekly per the manufacturers instructions however I would be happy if you cleaned the monthly by rinsing and soak them in our filter cleanse product on each fresh fill.  It is recommended that you rotate your filters (by having two) so that you allow the fiber paper to completely dry before its next use.

We carry a complete line of Pleatco and Unicel filters and are competitively priced.



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