Cleaning your Salt Cell – Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs

When you close up your pool for the season, tCell with Scalehis is a good time to check that salt cell to see if there is any scale build up within the cell.

If you notice scale drop in and pick up a bottle of our Dazzle Cell Cleaner to remove that scale safely.

Also you should talk to us about our Pristiva Salt Program to avoid much of this build up.  Using Pristiva System with Primer, and the purest salt on the market works to minimize the scale.  Especially those that live in a rural area and have more hardness (calcium) in their well water.

Above is a link to find out more information about our Pristiva Program.

I personally have converted salt clients who have had salt pools for years tell me “their pool has NEVER been so crystal clear and sparking”

Come on in and ask us how to convert your salt pool to Pristiva.

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