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Had an interesting conversation with a girlfriend last night.  She mentioned she had been to her doctor they talked about the levels of copper in your body and how when this doctor’s dad passed away they found the level of copper in his body to be high.  They tested her and her son and both of them had high levels of copper.  They began to take zinc which bonds with the copper and aids in elimination or lowering of it.  This doctor stated that she and another physician in Buffalo found that Kingston and Buffalo had higher levels of copper in their water and in her case it caused fatigue and other undesirable symptoms.

When testing pool and hot tub water I always test for copper.  As we soak or swim in water our pores open and we absorb through our skin.  Copper in our bodies creates havoc and in our pool and hot tub can contribute to staining.  Many companies do not test regularly for copper as the reagents are a bit more expensive or they simply aren’t concerned about this mineral.  Please have your water tested regularly and make sure you that copper and phosphates are being tested.  If whoever does your testing is not testing for this, find a professional water care specialist who it.  At Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs we always test for both of these.

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