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Looking for an easier way to manage your hot tub yet keep the water (and your equipment) in great shape.

Well Mineraluxe is the right plan for you.  One customer calls it “crack for hot tubs” because once you try it, you will be hooked!

One cuPic of some HT productsbe looks after 5 different bottles of product.  Easy as that!  Put a cube in and viola….all your initial treatment is done and then you simply add a cube weekly, or bi-weekly depending on the size of your tub.  The products in the picture are:

  • Stain and Scale 1
  • Stain and Scale 2
  • Botanical Cleanse
  • Performance Plus
  • Nature Sheen


Beyond that you would shock your water once a week using our premeasured packets of Oxygen, and use either bromine tablets/granules or chlorine tablets/granules.

This product is a premium product which will yield PREMIUM results.

GiveMineraluxe Pic me a call today and we can discuss converting your hot tub over to using our Mineraluxe System Fall in love pic



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