The best and easiest hot tub water care is Mineraluxe.   Don’t be fooled by the “add one bottle to you hot tub water and your done” method.  This is silly.  It’s like all those diet pills that are suppose to make you thin without you doing anything!  Seriously folks we know that doesn’t work.

Mineraluxe PicMineraluxe removes stuff from the water rather than simply masking what’s in the water.  It cleans biofilm that can be stuck in your plumbing lines where you don’t see it.  Mineraluxe makes your water feel better, look better and smell better.  The Mineraluxe system replaces 5 bottles of typical hot tub maintenance product with just one small cube.  5 bottles vs one cube  Then all you have to do is shock the water once a week, by using the pre-measured packets of Oxygen, and keep bromine tablets in your dispenser.  Mineraluxe is available in one and three month kits.  It comes with the cubes, Oxygen and Bromine tablets.  Essentially you are getting 7 bottles of product in your kit.

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