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With winter approaching there are a couple of things to consider to save energy costs for your hot tub.  They are:


The average cover lasts for approximately 3-5 years.  The covers are made of foam and wrapped with a plastic vapour barrier like material.  Over time this plastic begins to break down and your hot tub cover will begin to take on moisture.  The easiest way to notice this is by the weight of your cover.  If you have found that your cover is getting heavy – it’s time to replace it.  Old covers can lose up to 30-40% heat and this equals more energy to keep the hot tub up to temperature.  Also while we are speaking about covers, we have a product named Dazzle Cover Cleanse and Protect that aids in keeping your hot tub cover from deterioration due to UV and the elements and also helps to clean the cover inside and out.  Once you notice that water no longer beads on the top of your cover it’s time to give it a good clean with our Cover Cleanse and Protect.  I like to use this product on my cover each time I do a fresh fill.

Maintenance and Fixing Leaks:

If you notice that your hot tub water has been going down faster than normal you may have a potential leak or you may see signs of a leak by puddling water,  get it fixed as soon as possible.  Not fixing a leak can cost you money as you will need to continually top up your water which means the hot tub has to heat it and the pump has to run to heat this water.

Finally make sure you are cleaning your filters and replacing them entirely every couple of years.  Dirty filters compromise the pumps ability to push water which makes the pump run harder and sometimes for longer periods of time.  Cleaning your filter is as simple as rinsing with water.  You should also give them a good clean with our Dazzle Filter Cleanse every fresh fill as the oils from our skin etc. clog up the filter and the only way to remove the oil is through a good Filter Cleanse product.

Our Maax Spas are very energy efficient and technologically hot tubs have changed significantly over the years.  If you have a family member/friend that would like to get into a hot tub we would be pleased to talk to them about the benefits of the Maax Spa.  Alternatively if you think it’s time to replace that old tub, give us a call.  We are happy to share our knowledge of what makes Maax stand out.

Happy Hot Tubbing.  Til next time.

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