Why fiberglass when it comes to a pool?  

Are you wondering what the difference is in pools besides price?  Yes, price is import however today’s buyer isn’t as concerned about price as they are about the differences.  They want to be informed so that they can make a good buying decision.  Sometimes this might mean paying slightly more if it’w worth it.

So what are the differences when it comes to fiberglass pools?

  • Maintenance is certainly at the top of the list (uses less chemicals)
  • Sleek – no rough edges
  • Integrated steps/seating
  • Quickness of install
  • Modern
  • Slat Chlorination works wonderful in fiberglass.  Salt can be corrosive.  With fiberglass this is minimal
  • Value.  Fiberglass pools hold their value much better due to the lack of maintenance for liners/acid washing
  • Algae cannot grow on fiberglass as easily as other pools
  • The whole family can enjoy, even the pets!