Filter cleaning is a necessary part of hot tub ownership!  Think about what the filter does.  It filters debris, dead skin, hair, oils, organics, sweat, etc.  This is a huge job and ensures that your water is nice and clear.  When your water clouds up the first thing to check is your filter and your water flow.

Cleaning a hot tub filter is easy, just rinse with a garden hose.  You will need to spread the pleats to get the debris out from in between them.  TheFilter after cleaning with overnight filter solutionre are some tools available to aid in doing this.  We have some in stock.  I like to sit the filter on top of something to avoid a whole lot of bending and give the filters a good rinsing.

Filter Soak – to deep clean
For a real deep cleaning, use our Dazzle Filter Cleanse product.  Simply soak overnight and rinse the next day.  Our Dazzle products do not contain any phosphate therefore won’t contribute to phosphate in your hot tub/pool water.  It is also safe to empty the water to the ground without harming animals or your grass.

Why Deep Clean the Cartridge Filter?

Cleaning a cartridge filter can extend the life of the filter beyond 1 year or so depending on spa use.  Rinse it off every few weeks and treat the filter every 1-2 months or so with Dazzle Filter Cleanse.