Filters 101- Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Knapp`s Pools and Hot Tubs


There are three kinds of filters for most pools. The most popular is a cartridge filter which uses fabric cartridges to filter out impurities as the water passes through it.  These require minimal maintenance as you simply hose off the cartridges a few times during the swimming season to clean them. They tend to fit into most budgets. “With a cartridge filter, you don`t backwash therefore they are a lot less work.  We typically use a cartridge filter on our inground pools.

The least-expensive filter is the sand-type filter, which uses fine silica sand to clean the water. This type of filter requires frequent backwashing to remove impurities and you also need to remove the old sand and replace every 3-5 years.  These filters are most popular on above ground pools and some vinyl lined inground pools.

A diatomaceous earth filter uses fossilized plankton skeletons to filter the water.  These are the most-expensive type of filters and require that you backwash your pool system to clean them.  We don`t use these filters at all.

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