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Do you often wonder about which type of filter to buy for your hot tub???  The way filters work is that the filter “paper” is calculated in feet.  Therefore filters may look the same and be measured the same however the square footage (when the filter paper is pulled flat) may differ.  The more sq footage the better the filtration you will get.

There are a number of manufacturers for filters: Pleatco, Wilbur, Unicel, Master and most of them make the same shapes although size can vary.

Make sure you get the sq footage that you require.  For example you can get a filter that is the same size however they come in 50 sq ft and 75 sq ft.  This will make a difference when pricing as well as the job it performs to filter particulate from your hot tub water.

We would be happy to help you select the right filter for your hot tub.  Call us today!


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