Frog Log – Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs

Amanda and I arrived home yesterday to find a baby squirrel treading water frantically in the pool. He was just barely able to keep his poor head above water. We rushed to get the leaf net and scooped him out of the pool. He was shaking to bits and terrified I’m sure. Amanda picked him up to warm him and he bit here in the finger! Poor baby, he must have been terrified. We then wrapped him in a towel and checked on him for the next hour or so. He seemed so exhausted and afraid…
Amanda and the boys decided to take him to the Shady Pines Wildlife Rescue near Napanee. They said he was looking good and seemed to have gotten his wind back as he was anxious to get out of the temporary home we had concocted.
Frog on a logI now have my Frog Log saver in my pool to aid these critters in climbing out when they inadvertently fall in. I have a bunch in stock for anyone wanting one.
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