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When you are thinking about buying a hot tub online something to consider is ‘who is going to service my tub’?

At some point you are going to require service.  Whether it’s for a heater, warranty situation, jet replacements, spa pack problem, etc you will require servicing.  Most hot tub companies only service their own products.  Therefore my question is ‘how important is servicing to you’?

We have two lines of hot tubs.  Our premium line (all the bling) and our budget friendly line (some bling)

What you want to look for when researching your hot tub:

  1. Insulation (there are much better ways to insulate your tub than spray foam which is a nightmare when it comes to servicing)
  2. No external sensors (we use M7 technology so your sensors are external)
  3. Spa Pack (we ask that Balboa to manufacture our spa pack with no imported parts)
  4. Maintenance (our hot tub are very low maintenance because we know you don’t have the time)
  5. Seating (our seats are designed for all body types)
  6. Jets (it’s not the number of jets but the size that matters)

Give us a call.  We don’t believe in pressure sales.  We welcome you to our showroom and are pleased to answer any of your questions however you won’t have us pushing you to buy.  Our product sells itself, our service is awesome and our commitment is that you will buy from us when you are ready to.

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