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What makes a great hot tub?

Many hot tubs look great but what actually makes them great.  It’s of course the mechanics as well as fit.

What size pumps you have will determine the flow of water.  Think about it…if you have one pump operating 40 plus jets you aren’t going to get the same velocity of water flow as you would with a 2 pump system.  Also it’s not how many jets you have but rather what the size of the jet nozzle is.  So more is not better…  Placement of the jets is also an important factor as you want to get a great neck and back massage as well as foot massage.

Comfort is extremely important.  You want a hot tub that ‘fits’ you.  A good depth in the footwell is important so that your knees aren’t sitting at an uncomfortable angle.  Also you want to ensure that your body is fully immersed in the water for those late night winter soaks.  At Maax they make sure that the seating is comfortable for the average body shape.  They have deep arm chair style seating and strategically place the jets so that you get an overall body massage when you seat surf.  In our premium line that have jets that provide extra torque so that you get that deep tissue massage that so many of us need to relieve the stress we have in our shoulders and back.  MAAX-Spas-Lifestyle

Another important consideration is how efficient the hot tub is to operate.  Maax has designed the  Thermo-Lock Insulating System using BlueMAAX insulation which is eco-friendly, and has a reflective side to push the heat back towards the center cavity.  The insulation can easily be removed for servicing and then reinstalled to have the same R value as the day it was built.  It has been treated with a borate-based solution to prevent mold/mildew growth, pest infestation and acts as a fire retardant.

Maax Insulation cutaway




Another factor is noise level when the jets are on.  You are there to relax not have to raise your voice to have a simple conversation.  Maax has done decibel testing and when the hot tub is running it’s no louder than the average TV.

Now back to looks:  581 with fire  Well I guess this picture speaks for itself.

There are many additional features such as LED lighting, cascade waterfalls, WiFi, Sony Stereo with Bluetooth technology, MP3 Station, ABS Sealed Base, Steel Sub Structure.  I could go on and on however give us a call and we can talk further.

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