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It’s time to replace that hot tub cover.  Make sure you make the investment before the snow flies as it’s costly to keep your tub at temperature when you have an older less efficient hot tub.  Also as the air gets colder there is more moisture which the tub cover can absorb and become frozen and HEAVY.  This causes lots of pressure on the cover seam when you are using a lifter that is in the centre which the cover hangs on.

We order only Canadian made covers in various tapers, and options.  We have a good, better, best feature that you typically wouldn’t know about to keep your hot tub warm this winter.  More important it keeps operational $$$ in your pocket where it belongs.

With the good, better, best you get additional stitching in the handles, a better upgraded centre seam, overlap vinyl at the centre seam along with upgraded vapour barrier.

Our covers also have a mildew and UV resistant vinyl which aids in making them last longer.

Old Cover Before New CoverAfter

What a difference.  Check out the overlapping at the centre fold.  The extra deep skirt etc.

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