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Economy Mode

If you will not be using your hot tub or leaving for a planned vacation you can save $$ by turning your hot tub on economy mode.  This drops the set temperature of the hot tub, whereby the tub will not come on until it’s time to filter.  By not running the heater as often you save on energy costs.  The temperature of the water will be quite a bit lower than normal therefore you will not want it running in economy mode on a regular basis.  Also in during the coldest part of winter I do not recommend dropping the temperature of the water significantly.  This way if there were a power failure or your tub tripped, pump stopped working etc.  you would have more time before the water cools.

Filtration Cycles

One of the easiest ways to save money on your hot tub’s electrical bill is to program the filtration cycles. Our Maax hot tubs allow for you to control the hot tubs filtration cycles.

When possible, program your hot tub to run mid-day and overnight to avoid peak energy rates.


Maintenance helps:

  •  Regular cleaning (weekly) of your hot tub’s filters not only keeps the water cleaner but allows the pump to run more efficiently
  • At Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs we have floating thermal blanket available. They sit on the hot tub water surface; adding another layer of insulation, and slowing the rate of evaporation which means less top ups.  With newer hot tubs a significant amount of the overall heat loss will come through evaporation.
  • Shutting off the air controls (if you have them) will help to maintain heat in the tub. The air cools down the water, making your heater work harder to maintain temperature
  • The cover clips should always be securely clipped when the hot tub is not in use. These clips help to keep the cover closed firmly. If your clips are broken, replacement clips are available.


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