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Ever wondered about how long you should filter your water in your hot tub.  Most hot tubs have the ability to adjust the filtering cycle(s) and how long they filter by adjusting this in the keypad.

When you think about the filtering cycle, think about when you soak in the bathtub and the amount of exfoliation etc that you see at the water line.  This also happens in the hot tub.  If you take, 2-4 people in the hot tub this increases substantially.  Therefore the more you filter the water the better the water will be.  I would recommend you filter your water twice a day for a number of hours.  In most standard modes the water filters twice a day for 2 hrs each time for a total of 4 hrs in a 24 hour period.  

Now think about it – is this enough?  It all depends on how often and by how many use the tub.  The more use the longer the filtration cycle.  You can increase it to filter for 4 hrs twice a day, 6 hrs twice a day.  You decide?  

Typically when we filter the water we run our pumps on low speed or the circulation pump is used.  You can have much clearer water by increasing the number of hours your tub filters.  Think about it – the filter captures all the crap in the water BUT don’t forget to clean your filter(s) as well as they get clogged up.  I like to use our Dazzle Filter Cleanse product every few months to give my filter a good clean.  Soak it for 4-6 hrs and then give it a good rinse.  

You should also have two filters so that you can alternate them.  You never want to run your tub without a filter as you could easily suction something down the filter (suction) plumbing of your tub.

Happy Hot Tubbing!

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