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Low sanitizer in hot tubs may cause a rash in some people commonly known as Pseudomonas Folliculitis

The most common locations for hot tub rash are:


  • Abdomen or lower back
  • Armpits
  • Chest or upper back
  • Upper arms
  • Upper legs

The rash appears as small pink to red bumps, which may be filled with pus or covered with a scab.  Located around hair follicles, these bumps tend to be itchy or tender.

Hot tub rash typically arises within 1–4 days of exposure and usually resolves within 7–14 days without treatment however you may wish to seek the advice of a physician if your rash is itchy and has pus.

In order to prevent hot tub rash, proper maintenance of your hot tub water is critical.  If the rash is itchy, an over-the-counter antihistamine may be helpful.
When to Seek Medical Care

Make an appointment with your doctor if you develop an itchy or tender rash, especially if it is associated with fever, swollen lymph nodes, or breast tenderness.

Make sure you have adequate sanitizer (chlorine/bromine) in your hot tub.  This is what kills bacteria.  Proper testing by a water care specialist is essential.  You should also test weekly with test strips however this does not negate getting a proper test completed.  Please do not get into a hot tub that has not been properly maintained or that is low in sanitizer.

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