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Is your hot tub tripping the GFCI breaker?  Typically there are two reasons for a breaker tripping.  Something drawing too many amps or no longer working or moisture.

Before you do anything – TURN YOUR POWER OFF to the hot tub.

If you are a DIY person there are a couple of things you can check.   Before you do ANYTHING – TURN THE POWER OFF.

The first thing that has to be done is MAKE SURE THE POWER IS OFF.   Seriously I know this sounds repetitive but it’s very important.  Water and electricity don’t mix so well.  If you are not handy – call a professional.

The first thing you want to do is remove the access panel from your hot tub.  The spa pack is normally located  beneath the keypad.

Do a visual analysis of the equipment in the hot tub.  How many  pumps, blower, ozonater, heater, UV, salt system etc in your hot tub that are connected to your circuit board.  Some packs have plug-ins on the side and are easily disconnected. Others have small  wires from each item that are connected directly to the circuit board.

Through a process of elimination you need to find out which one of these are bad. What often occurs is that an ozonater,  pump, blower, or the heater is bad or drawing to many amps and trips the breaker.  Begin to disconnect these one at a time and try powering up the tub in between each disconnect,  be sure that none of the wires or plug is touching  the circuit board.  Reset the breaker.  If the topside control lights up and the breaker doesn’t trip, whatever you disconnected was the problem.

Ozonators are chronic for tripping breakers .  If this is the case, great.  Ozonators only work for approximately 2 years and if your tub is older than that it’s not working anyway.   Therefore simply disconnect it and your done.  If it’s not the ozonator move on to the blower.  Go through this same process, POWER OFF, disconnect the blower, make sure no wires or plugs are touching the circuit board, and reset the breaker.  If it’s not the blower POWER DOWN and check the pump(s) one at a time.  If the pump(s) are not the culprit its time to check the heater. MAKE SURE THE POWER IS OFF, find out where on the circuit board the heater connects, disconnect it, and see if the breaker holds.

These are all items you can check or that we would check upon a site visit.  Please, if you are not comfortable, don’t touch anything.  Give us a call and let us do the troubleshooting.



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