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Just drained your hot tub and refilled and now something seems wrong.  Pump not working or jets not working?

You probably have an air lock?  This happens to every hot tub owner at one time or another.

When you refilled the hot tub did you place the hose in the filter area with filter removed?  This avoids getting an air lock which is essentially air that is blocking the water from entering the pump or jets.  By filling through the filter cavity this helps to avoid this.

If you do have an air lock, turn the pump on low (don’t turn the jets on) and unscrew the union(s) at the pump(s).  You don’t want to completely unscrew the union, just enough so that water and air can escape.   You will hear this hiss of air escaping if there is an airlock.  You may have to do this repeatedly.  If you see that water has begun to come through the jets tightened the union up and turn the jets on.  Let the hot tub run for a cycle if anything seems to be working now.

Another area to check is to make sure that one of the diverters that controls the jets didn’t inadvertently get closed.  These are found on the top of the hot tub.

Lastly if you are still experiencing an airlock problem.  Remove the filter and grab a plunger and try to suction the water up into the filter area.

If you continue to have problems contact a professional hot tub company to send a technician out to do further diagnosis.

One way to avoid air locks is to shut the knife values off prior to draining.  This locks water in the pump area and helps to avoid air locks at the pump.  Make sure you open these values back up before you start up the tub.


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