I talk to clients all the time and they tell me all they do with their hot tub water is add bromine/chlorine and maybe once in a while shock the water.

This is an indicator to me that no one ever taught them about proper water care.  That they don’t really understand what great water feels like when you are soaking in a hot tub.

I will give you the 101 of why you want to do more than that with water and I’ll try to keep it simple

  • Bromine/Chlorine – sanitizer.  Kills bacteria.  Maintain 3-5ppm at all times
  • pH – when neutral pH is at 7.2.  When it’s above 7.6 it is basic (alkaline) when it below 7.2 it’s acidic.  pH can make the water feel uncomfortable when it’s out of whack, can do damage to equipment.  If nothing else, take away that you must absolutely try to keep your pH in check.
  • Alkalinity – buffers pH.  When high it’s alkaline and can create a sandpaper like scale.  When low it’s acidic.  Yes, folks acid (ic)
  • Calcium – this is the hardness of the water and we all know what our tea kettle looks like with hot water.  You want to keep your hardness in check as the scale will attach itself to surfaces and scale can build on your heater element etc.

So that covers balancing.  Now let’s talk about maintenance

  • Stain and Scale – This product protects against stain and scale formation.   Used SS1 initially and SS2 weekly.
  • Botanical Cleanse – This helps to remove bather waste (used weekly)
  • Performance Plus – this has inorganic lubricating properties, helps to buffer pH and increased mineral solubility.  Makes water soft and silky
  • Nature Sheen – Weekly clarifier and polisher.  Our product is ‘all natural’
  • Amaze or Amaze Plus  – weekly shock.  Reduces non filterable waste, enhances active oxygen and has powerful clarifiers

Other products in your hot tub repertoire

Filter Cleanse – cleans and disinfects your filter leaving it pristine and more able to filter particulates from your water

Phos Cleanse – phosphates are undesirable in water as they often determine whether micro-organisms like algae and bacteria growth.   They essentially can fuel a microbial infestation

Drain Prep – cleans plumbing lines, releases and digests biodegrading organics

Tub Cleanse – cleans and disinfects hot tub surfaces easily and quickly.  Phosphate free

Cover Cleanse and Protect – yes you should clean your hot tub cover and protect it inside and out

That’s it for now.  This will serve to provide a quick overview of what these products do and why you would use them.  If you truly want to enjoy your hot tub experience, balance your water and do you weekly maintenance.  You wouldn’t drive a car without gas and oil, why would you soak in water that is not been maintained and treated properly.