I did a site visit today on a hot tub relocation and I asked the fellow “why are you selling your hot tub?” He stated that he found them too much work!  This fellow has not tried Mineraluxe!  Mineraluxe takes the work out of worrying about your water care.  You simply add your cube weekly, empty one packet of oxygen in your tub and ensure you have bromine tablets in the dispenser!  Done – that’s it, once a week and your water feels incredible, looks amazing and doesn’t smell!

Does that sound like your hot tub?

We have a water care specialist who is happy to come to your home, test the hot tub water and help you have fantastic water.  Water that is awesome but so little effort on your part.

Mineraluxe PicFall in love pic5 bottles vs one cube See the cube in the pictuce, that little cube replaces all 5 bottles of product.