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Yeah!  Hot Tub Weather has arrived!

kingstonhottubsandpools_maax_2 Wouldn’t this be a fabulous family gift?  TwinsOwning a hot tub is truly a gift that keeps on giving as you can use it year round.  It can become your cooling off centre in the summer simply by turning down the temperature to 85 or so.  This is 13.6 degrees below our body core temperature so absolutely cools you down.

Plus there is no better way to enjoy the winter then to be immersed in hot water while the stars are sparkling and the snow is falling.  Who cares if your hair gets wet….you are in a hot tub!  Hot Tubs allow couples and families to connect because you have to have eye contact and talk!  This is a place where there is little distractions.  Where everyone feels the warm water soothing their muscles and minds!  581 couple

We have financing available and hot tubs in stock!  Give us a call to set up a time for viewing and testing!



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