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Are hot tubs the same?

Does a pretty exterior mean that the tub is a quality tub?

What should I look for when thinking about buying a new hot tub?

Have you been asking yourself these questions?  Well good for you.  You have begun your education on hot tubs which is really great.  It’s important to learn what to look for and what is considered ‘not so great or considered older technology’.

I took on the Maax line of hot tubs after doing a ton of research, attending pool and spa shows and talking with the manufacturers.  I selected Maax as they make a beautiful tub – inside and out.  All tubs look pretty but…..and this is where you want to pay attention…they don’t perform.

What to look for and what questions to ask:

  1. How deep is the footwell.  This is important as you don’t want your knees sitting higher than your hips.
  2. How many pumps to operate the tub(I firmly believe that if you are looking for therapy you need at least two pumps.
  3. What is the hp of the pumps?
  4. Is there spray foam (stay away from spray foam.  This is older technology and a nightmare when you have to service)
  5. How noisy are they?  At Maax we have done and advertise our decibel testing
  6. Do you float in the lounge?   At Maax Spas we hired an ergonomic physician to guide our design so that you don’t float.
  7. It’s not how many jets rather the size that matters when you are looking for therapy.
  8. Are there external sensors?  We put our senors right in the heater manifold so that there is less likelihood of failure.
  9. 24/7 filtration to keep your water clean and clear
  10. Warranty

I have more however these will guide you initially.  Then book a time to see our tubs?  You will not be disappointed, I promise.

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