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maax_collectionThe Maax Spa Collection has been engineered for hydrotherapy and relaxation.  Performance Seating and Zone Therapy jet systems are just a few of the exclusive features you will discover as you enjoy the benefits of soaking in your new spa!  The time has come to transform your backyard into a relaxing spa oasis.  Your Maax Spa will allow you to connect with your loved ones while minimizing the negative impacts of stress, sore and aching muscles and give you better mental health.  You will never have to leave the comfort of your  home.
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cooperage_hot_tubsDesigned for any backyard, California Cooperage® hot tubs combine the mystique of the original redwood tub with the rejuvenating benefits of modern spa technology. The attractive and durable design is classic in its simplicity – embracing the simple pleasures of hydrotherapy and fun.


We have spent a great deal of time in the past, before finding your business, looking for a dependable service provider for our spa. On multiple occasions we were left waiting at a scheduled time only to be disappointed by a lack of response. We are so pleased with the professionalism, helpfulness, and dependability of your company that I can’t thank you enough. The trouble shooting in advance of Don arriving at our home for service was quick and timely. The service call was incredible and honestly…..we were relieved to see the problem wasn’t as bad as we anticipated which was easier on our wallet than expected. Thank you again Lori. Winter is looking much much better

Please feel welcome to use any of my comments Lori…meant every word.



“Last summer we received delivery of our H2O hot tub and we could not be happier.  The H2O hot tub is first rate. It’s a Canadian built product which gave us peace of mind that the manufacturer understood what a Canadian winter was and we have not been disappointed.  The hot tub features and product quality has definitely exceeded our expectations.  In addition, the Mineraluxe water treatment system has also been a very pleasant surprise –no major chlorine smell!  Knapp’s regularly checks our hot tub water and advises us on what Mineraluxe products are required which has resulted in the best water quality ever with the least amount of time and effort to manage it.

Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs made the entire experience easy and worry free by taking care of all of our issues from removing the old hot tub to putting the new hot tub in place, hooking up the electrical service and installing the cover lifter.  They have the right equipment, experienced personnel and excellent ongoing service and support.    We would highly recommend Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs for any pool or hot tub project.”

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Thanks for everything you did.   You were great to work with.  The tub is now working perfectly.  I will be in touch for future purchases.

Thanks again

Rob Hudson

c/o of Fireside Inn, Best Western, Kingston, ON