H2O Spas



When you climb into a H2O spa you are  reminded that it is a work of art; in as much as you are amazed that something  so elegant in design, so practical in use and so ascetically pleasing is still  affordable for most families. From the ergonomically designed seating through to the way in which it is constructed, your investment is worth every penny! During the engineering of our spas we never lost sight of the fact that our H2O spas should offer UNSURPASSED comfort. Just sit back and enjoy. The secret of our  incredible seating comfort comes from lessons learnt from the study of body ergonomics. Each Premium spa model is designed 40 inches deep at the foot well to accommodate our variable height seating. This allows your upper body to be fully immersed in the warm therapeutic water, a feature essential for year-round spa enjoyment in colder climates. With convenience features that go far beyond seating styles and comfort, the H2O design team has created a spa experience that will give pleasure for many years.

Technology has advanced rapidly over the last 20 years causing leading manufactures to re-think their present construction processes and look to new technology to provide an efficient spa with easier serviceability and built using environmentally friendly materials.

The H2O ‘lifetime’ acrylic shell is constructed of 3 distinct layers. This attractive, yet durable cast-acrylic surface is backed by a custom formulated vinyl ester resin to ensure that the shell is impermeable to water vapors from within the hot tub. Up to eight layers of a polymeric microspheres filled laminated fiberglass and resin formulation is then added to give the shell structural its strength.

Our SURELOCK modular method of construction and dimensional square design allowed us to standardize all cabinet panels and doors. Each panel is standardized to fit all models making it convenient when a replacement is required. All panels are impact resistant and reinforced with sturdy plywood. Accessories like cover lifters and towel rails can be fixed to the side of the cabinet without risk of damage.

Cradled within the insulation of your H2O Spa is our maximized plumbing, which, when paired with our efficient high volume pumps, allows balanced water flow to be delivered to the jetting. Balanced flow plumbing eliminates vibration and ensures longevity of components, such as jets.

Any insulation system needs to create efficiency when the hot tub is in operation. ROXUL provides that by firstly insulating the internal workings of the spa from the environment, secondly allowing the tub to breathe, essential in preventing mold spores from contaminating the foam and most importantly reducing the demand for additional heat therefore creating power efficiency

All spas are supported by an ABS molded base. The base acts as an insulator against ground moisture and also as a support for the spa. The base protects the insulation from the environment while acting as a deterrent against rodents. Cable ports are located on each side of the spa to simplify electrical cable connection.

Ascetically pleasing, engineered for the purpose and comprehensive in design, the equipment enclosure is designed to accommodate and protect the electronic and mechanical controls of the spa. Equipment accessibility can only be achieved by unscrewing the stainless steel fixing bolts of the spa door. The molded reinforced cabinet is vented and creates a safe barrier against adverse weather conditions.

All H2O spas are designed with a natural handgrip which extends around the perimeter of the spa. The lip of the spa is three inches wide which make a natural hand hold when entering or leaving the spa. We preferred this method of hand grips against strategically placed hand grips; which never seem to be where you want them.

All H2O Resort spas come standard with 2-speed motors that can be used for filtration as well as jet action. Using this system, the main pump is programmable to filter at specific times of the day. If you would like a more energy saving system then we recommend that you upgrade to our “always clean” filtration system that constantly cleans the spa water using a dedicated circulation pump. This 1/15 hp motor quietly cleans and heats the spa ensuring that the larger jet pumps are used exclusively for massage therapy. Attempting to perform the same continuous 24/7 filtration using a competitor’s large 7 hp motor would consume several times more energy, resulting in several times the cost.

All H2O PREMIUM spas are manufactured with the “always clean” filtration system as a standard feature, ensuring that you receive a spa that is constantly working to provide clear, attractive bathing water. The secondary advantage of this system is that the jet pump is relieved of its filtering and heating duties and now becomes a much more efficient jet pump as the massaging flow of water no longer needs to pass through the smaller plumbing of the heating system and instead can be directed through oversized jet plumbing to provide a more therapeutic massage.

For the delivery of high volume amounts of water to the jets, the H2O engineers have designed a unique system incorporating high volume XP3 Flo-Master pumps with low energy consumption motors. High volumes of water flow though oversized plumbing lines to provide a strong massaging flow at the jets. This balanced system allows our motors to perform at an efficiency level unequaled within the spa industry. For our customers this translates to low energy use at peak performance, quiet operation and no undue stress on vital plumbing components. An added bonus of the XP3 motor is that the warm air produced is vented towards the pump, helping to heat the water and therefore recycling the energy.