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Thinking about an in ground pool for next summer?  Wondering about the options?

For in ground pools you have:

  1. Fiberglass
  2. Vinyl Lined
  3. Concrete

Vinyl lined pools are the least expensive however you need to consider the costs down the road of replacing liners, repairing the concrete base etc.  Pay now or pay later.

Fiberglass pools are a great choice today because you don’t need to worry about maintenance down the road.  They are beautiful to look at and there are many shapes and sizes to choose.

Concrete is the most custom as you can modify the shape size however they are the most expensive.

As far as picking out a company to do your pool install.  Make sure you select a company who you are confident that they will do the job they commit to.  At Knapp’s Pools we only take on the jobs we can do and do well.  We don’t over commit as we believe in being honest with our clients from the first meeting.

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