I had a client drop in to chat about a water feature for his pool.  He installed a fiberglass pool a couple of years ago and plumbed in a line for a water feature however didn’t have the $$ to finish everything at the same time.

I was reminded that I need to advice clients about what has to happen now and what can be added later such as:

Salt Chlorination Systems, Heaters, water features (line needs to get plumbed and capped), safety covers etc.

What you need to get started is a pump and filter system.  The rest can happen later if you are working within a budget.

Let’s talk.  At Knapp’s Pools & Hot Tubs we are more than happy to work with you and to provide expert advice on your new pool.  We can figure out what size pool is appropriate, what options are necessary immediately and what we can do in a few years time.

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