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Why Fiberglass and Why Canadian

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to purchase a fiberglass pool over a vinyl or concrete.  The first being $$$.  Why would you want to purchase a pool that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt you will have maintenance ahead of you in the first 10 years of ownership.  That in itself is a great reason to buy fiberglass.

The second reason would be low cost of water care, with fiberglass being an inert product, your chemicals stay in the water.

Thirdly, make sure you buy a pool from a company you can trust.  We are a small family owned business and believe that our integrity, word and hand shake are still enormously important and that seems to be lacking with many businesses today.  We try to ensure your buying experience is a great one.  We are open, honest and make every effort to explain exactly what you are purchasing.  We also build your pool as if it were in our very own backyards.  No scrimping, no cutting corners!  Make sure you KNOW what you are purchasing before signing on that dotted line.  We, at Knapp’s Pools, explain and itemize everything so it’s clear up front.  No surprises!

Give us a call, we are certain you will find you will be glad you did!


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