Hot tub selection

When thinking of a hot tub some of the points to consider are:

  • What size is the right size – you want a hot tub that fits your families needs only.  Don’t buy a larger hot tub for friends
  • Is health and therapy a priority – jets and pressure points need to be considered for therapy
  • Pumps – the pressure of water moving through the jets is important – two pumps systems are best as one pump operates one side of the hot tub
  • Structure – hot tubs are an investment.  Make sure the hot tub you select has a good quality structure
  • Sleeping – hot tubs definitely help you to sleep better
  • Sensors – Maax and California Cooperage Spas use M& technology.  No sensors to have to replace. Sensors fail frequently. Saves time and money on service calls.
  • Pretty – all hot tubs look pretty. Buyer beware – it’s the internal mechanics that you want to ensure are of good quality.

Please feel free to call me, email me or text me your questions.

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