Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Concrete done!

Well, as promised I said I would post pictures of the coloured concrete once it was done.  We are pleased with the colour and overall look.

We still have some minor finishes left such as the coloured caulking at the fiberglass edge where it meets the concrete but overall we are getting there.

We have chosen to put grass seed down around the pool given the time of year and the dew that is on the ground to assist in the germination of the seed.  We are seeing some grass coming up and it should be well filled in soon!

For those of you pondering whether to do your pool this year or wait until the Spring, I recommend you get it done now, the winter has an amazing ability to help with new growth of the landscaped area.  Why have all that mess in the Spring??


Concrete3   Getting there Lookin goodConcrete done


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