Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Concrete Pour

Today is the day for the concrete pour.  I’m very excited to see the end result and to have this part of our pool project completed.  After much contemplation we decided to butt the concrete to the fiberglass edge.  We did, however choose a coloured concrete to add some pizazz.  I’ll post some pictures later.

There are a few options with fiberglass pools for edging:

  • butting concrete to edge of fiberglass,
  • cantilevered using Steigmier forms
  • cantilever using an aluminum coping
  • cantilever using a stone bullnose

As far as the concrete options:

  • plain, brused
  • coloured
  • stamped

And of course you can use a interlock stone

All have their own set of benefits.  It’s really the look that you want that aids in your selection.  Budget of course will also play a factor.  Plain concrete is the most economincal, then coloured, stamped, bullnose edge, and finally interlock.                                                                                                                                                                                                            IMG_0116 IMG_3445 P1030326 Fuji in Belleville with stamped and cantilever OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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