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Bromine or Chlorine????

The ongoing debate with hot tub sanitation is whether to use chlorine or bromine.   Bromine is the most effective in hot water in my opinion.

Chlorine is a very effective sanitizer in swimming pool water, but a portable hot tub (one not attached to a pool) is going to have more sanitizer issues like higher water temperature and a smaller amount of water per person.   For example, five people in a 300 gallon hot tub contributes as much wastes to the water as 375 people in an average size  pool. Wastes in this case would be body oils, sweat, make-up, lotions, etc.

All of that waste puts a heavy load on chlorine resulting in chlorine odors and irritation to eyes and skin as a result of a buildup of chloramines in the water.  Bromine does not have this problem. When bromine reacts with wastes in the water it does not lose its ability to sanitize, chlorine does.  Basically chlorine reacts with wastes and is dead, leaving behind that chlorine smell and chloramines that can cause skin and eye irritation.   Bromine on the other hand reacts with wastes and turns into bromamines.   Bromamines will continue to sanitize after reacting with wastes and will not leave an odor left behind or cause skin or eye irritation.

PH is another reason why bromine is a better choice than chlorine for hot tub use.   The correct PH range for pools and spas is 7.4 to 7.8.   At some time your PH level in your tub will stray from this range.   It happens to all of us no matter how precise and dedicated you are to checking your hot tub.   Chlorine is simply not as effective in hot water environments.

The best way for you to find more facts on water sanitation is to call or stop by at Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs and ask to speak with Lori who specializes in water care.

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