Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Hot Tub Water Care

Proper water care for hot tubs is essential.  When your water is out of balance not only does it do harm to your equipment but it just doesn’t feel good when soaking and good be harmful to your health.

With hot tubs you should test weekly with hot tub water care sticks to ensure your bromine/chlorine is correct as well as checking your pH.  Every 6 weeks or so you should take a water sample to a health care professional to have a complete reading done.  A complete reading should consist of bromine/chlorine as this is your sanitiazer (kills bacteria) pH, alkalinity, calcium (water hardness) copper and phosphates.  If your water care company isn’t checking all these find a company that does.

Having a complete water test ensures your water is safe and balanced!  Water that feels good, smells good and looks good!

Yours in Hot Tubbing!

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