In the past few weeks I’ve seen an influx of clients needing new jets for their existing hot tubs.  Jets will deteriorate over time however you can prolong their life by keeping your water in balance.

Think about alkalinity – if your water is alkaline it can cause scaling.  On the flip side if your alkalinity is low your water is acidic.  It may be perfectly clear but what damage is it doing.  Acidic water is corrosive, eating away at everything it touches; jets, equipment, pumps, etc.

I would be happy to help you with your water to keep it in balance and to properly maintain it so that it is healthy.  No one wants to soak in water that is unsafe!  Our onsite water testing is convenient, accurate and we work with you on how ‘you’ can have water that is healthy, feels good and smells good!  Give me a call today!  613-653-2255